Sunday 3 August 2008


After looking at this
up close
all afternoon, I could stand it no longer. They were still slightly damp and I was going to wait until today to start but then I thought...the oven. So I threw one skein in the oven. OK I was a little more careful than that. I turned the oven on to the lowest setting, warmed it up, then shut it off, put a tea towel on a baking sheet and put one skein in for an hour or so. It worked a treat.
I was trying to dye a pale colour with colour variations made by changes in the saturation level of the dye and so far I'm pretty pleased with this.
It's pale without being too pastelly.
The colour is fairly evenly distributed. Sort of like light denim. I'm going to try some sort of pattern on the leg to see how it looks but so far, so good.


  1. Great, it looks like you have the colour variation that you said you were looking for. Looks good.

  2. It DOES look good. What type of wool is it that you dyed?


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