Thursday, 15 February 2018


I'm allowing myself a do-over.
This second try is looking much better.

I laid it on top of the first sample and the angle of the front is already showing a better line.

I also charted the beginning edge of the first front and the far edge of the second front. I am working the increases at the front edges much further apart than my first sample. Now it's an 8 row repeat. I'm feeling like this is on it's way to a final sweater. I'm excited.

I'm keeping my first sample because I would like to try sewing and cutting away the front. Then do something attaching a new front to it. Cut the front away, leaving the neckband stitches intact and open. Nothing lost if it doesn't work but I'm intrigued.

Then work some sort of stitch to join the neckband and the raglan edge. I can envision it.

I could work?! Maybe.

I'm trying to stay on course and not jump to trying this out. Must get this sweater done first. Must get this sweater done first. Must get this sweater done first.

I'm going to start knitting right now so I don't lose focus. Bye for now.

Thursday, 8 February 2018


It's a wonderful thing isn't it? I kept knitting and knitting ignoring the little voice that said something was definitely wrong. It was. The Front is much too big. Now that I take a look at the math it's quite obvious.
So did I do a swatch? Nah. I started another cardigan with bigger yarn and I took a good look a the math this time and I think this one is going to be good.
Already the angle of the front seems better.
You'll have to take my word for it since all the stitches are crammed around the needle since I'm fairly close to the bottom of the yoke. The V is deeper which I'm quite excited about. I'll be working on this over the weekend. I can't wait to get to the Great Divide.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Committed to the Great Divide

I'm committed now to getting the yoke finished. I'm close to the Great Divide. It looks different than I imagined it would but the V is working as I had hoped it would. It's deeper than my regular V-neck top down cardigans which is what I was looking for. The eyelets are dreaming of summer.
I'm still pretty sure the front is bigger than it needs to be. A shawl pin might be needed for me to wear it. Although all those holes sort of lend themselves to being buttoned any way I want to. There are still possibilities here. It's working really well as a prototype, it's almost right but could use some work. I like that.

Someone the other day asked why I don't do a child's size first. Sometimes I do that and guess what, the adult version seldom gets made. In my head I've worked it all out and now I'm done with that design and on to the next idea. There is another idea hiding behind this one which is nudging me constantly. At least this is an adult size and I think I would knit another one with some modifications. I like it and would wear it.

I'm going to make this with cap sleeves, real summery. Then I have to work out the bottom of the eyelet fronts. I don't want too much of a V at the bottom of the sweater. At least that's my thinking at this moment. Could always change my mind though!

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Up to my Knees

I'm moving along on my new sweater but it's very slow. To continue with my swimming in cold water metaphor, I'm up to my knees. I'm not totally committed yet. I can still turn back.
There are several things about this new cardigan that I like. I like the garter stitch sleeves and back. I don't think I will make the back garter stitch the entire length, only the yoke. At least that's what I think now. That could all change of course.

I like the eyelets on the front.
My concern is the size of the front which will not be apparent until I have knit a couple more inches. It might be too big. There lies my trepidation and slow progress. It could, maybe, possibly, be the exact width that I want it to be, right? I'm going to be optimist and knit a little bit further. Wish me luck.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Toe Dipping

I haven't progressed very far on my new sweater, as you can see.

Sometimes starting a new experiment is like trying to swim in cold water. You walk to the edge of the water, stick your toe in and scamper back to your towel which is baking in the hot sun looking so comfortable. It would be so warm and cozy just to lay on the towel and not even think about the water but there it is ... so you walk to the edge of the water again and get your ankles wet.

That's where I am, I've got my ankles wet but have not make the commitment to jump in. I'm back at the blanket laying there thinking that today I'll just lay in the sun but the knitting is sitting right there ...

Deb, fantasizing about sun and warmth and the beach.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

If All Else Fails, Start Something New

I haven't refashioned any of my garments just yet. It seems to take a little bit of time to build up to getting the scissors out and really start snipping. Or at least a bit more planning since it's a good idea to measure 15 times and cut once. The scissors are at the ready. I just need one more week to get brave enough to actually use them.

In the meantime I've got a new idea for a new sweater. How come it's always so much easier to start something new?

I have my little pile of Cotton Tweed in the Faded Denim colour. A lovely soft blue. What? Blue again you say? Yes, stick with what works, it's blue again.
My idea is to do a Top Down with both fronts worked on the bias with eyelets. It might be cap sleeved or maybe longer sleeves. I'll have to see what I think once I get going. I have a different idea for working the V which will lend itself to the bias. I need to get my carpenter square out to check on the angle and width for the fronts. Ha, ha. No really I do need to do this.
A new project. Kinda makes one a little giddy.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

The New Year has begun

It's time to get organized. The new year has begun and my office is a mess.

I took the week off. Did you? You might have been knitting up a storm but because knitting is my job, I read ... a lot. Nice and cozy, sitting in the sun (inside of course because outside it was frickin' freezing!). Now I have piles of yarn and half finished projects and ideas and ... well it's a mess.

I have made a couple of decisions though.

I need to pull out every knit thing I have put away and decide why I'm not wearing it. Do you have some of these projects too? I enjoyed knitting them. I like them but I don't wear them. How come? What could I do to make them something I want to wear?

I have a top from the Need A Circular Yoke book with short sleeves which I don't wear. In hind sight I think I should have made it with long sleeves. I think I would wear it now if it was a vest with cap sleeves. This is totally doable.

I have a wool sweater which is way too big for me that I am going to turn into another garment by felting it and cutting it up. Yep, cutting. I'm looking forward to it. Imagine me rubbing my hands together in a gleeful manner, hee, hee, ha, ha. Snip, snip.

These are the first two reconstruction projects that I have earmarked for my new year of wearing as much knitwear as possible!!

How about you? Something new in your knitting year?
Cheers and Happy New Year,