Thursday 30 July 2009


I just had a lovely chat on the phone with a customer from northern Virginia. She was telling me that she took classes at one time from Elizabeth Zimmermann. She still has the sweater she knit and is now replacing the buttons and passing it on to her daughter. How cool is that. The closest I've come to EZ is watching one of her videos. So does talking to this customer make it 2 or 3 degrees of separation between me and Elizabeth? Sometime I must tally up the number of garments I have made out of her books. The last time I counted I think I was up to 18 but that seems rather low and doesn't count the patterns I have knit multiple times. Do you find that there are some designers that just call to you? Elizabeth Zimmermann still calls to me.

I'm not getting much knitting done. The J Jacket is not pulling it's weight at all. It's just lounging around on the couch.
I keep telling it that I need to get some work done but . . .it just curls up in a ball and tucks it's needle ends in. I think it's sulking. J obviously needs some 'alone' time. I think I'll just leave a movie on and sneak out to do some errands. It might be in a better mood later.


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  1. What is wrong with J, what have you done to it? It was my baby and now we share it, maybe it just needs some stroking and some TLC.


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