Thursday 8 October 2009


Where has the week gone? I'm on my way out the door again. The one-armed Swing Coat is going to a knit nite in Barrie. Ever hopeful that it's next sleeve is going to get started.
Maybe, maybe not. We'll see what happens. Tuesday night was Aurora Guild night where I spoke on the hero's journey as applied to knitting. Ha, ha. There was some entertainment value there if not a lot of illumination. But it's always nice to think of yourself as a hero isn't it, slaying dragons and overcoming obstacles which lie in the way of finishing your sweater?
And Maureen had another couple of sweaters knit from the Top Down For Toddlers Book.
She made it a larger size by continuing to work more Increase and Straight rows before the great Divide. Way to go. And I love this colourway. It's gogeous Maureen.

Gotta run,


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