Friday 19 March 2010

Small projects are keeping me busy. I've decided on a baby gift. I'm making a poncho.
It's the poncho out of the Top Down for Toddler book. I'm making it one size smaller than the first size in the book, so I cast on 66 sts (8 sts less than the pattern said) and followed the instructions but worked 2 sts less in each section. I think this is an extremely practical gift for a brand new baby. Mom can pop it over the baby's head to keep warm while it's still wearing sleepers and wrapped up in a blanket. It should still be fine to use again in the fall. I hope A. thinks so too.

My adagio shawl is changing colours beautifully.
I've finished all the blue balls and am now working with the first of the green balls. From now on it changes colour from a bluey-green to a lime-green. It's fun to see it morph.
That's how far the colours have changed so far. A green project is so nice to knit in spring.

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