Saturday 28 August 2010

Make It Right

How many times does it take to make it right. Sometimes quite a few.
I started this gift wedding sock with the cable pattern running up the top of the foot but decided that it was too lumpy and ripped back to the toe. I then worked some ribbing on the top of the foot, a short row heel and one repeat of the pattern on the leg. After my husband tried it on we decided that even though the groom had smaller feet it was a little tight. I ripped it back to the beginning of the heel and worked the heel over more stitches and changed to one size bigger needle to work the first repeat of the pattern. The increased needle size has made the pattern much easier to knit. That's probably a clue that I stumbled on the right size. Now we're cooking.
I am really comfortable with ripping out as you can see. This was not a frustrating experience, OK maybe a little tiny bit. It's always much worse if I have a deadline which I don't this time. I think the couple will stay married long enough for me to finish both pairs of wedding socks. Most of the time the ripping and reworking is worth it.
On the other hand there are small glitches which I can happily ignore. I screwed up a little on one corner of the short row heel but it didn't make a hole so I'm good with that. Not all of my cable stitches are even but washing is going to even them out. Every once in a while I think I might have forgotten to purl one of the background cross-over stitches. I'm very familiar with the stitch pattern now so I think this rendition is good enough.

Where is the 'good enough' line for you? When do you rip back to correct and what can you happily ignore?

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  1. I admit to having difficulty with the "ignore" thing. But I just love your cable sock. In fact, I'm already poring through my collection of grey sock yarn...


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