Monday 17 January 2011

Sizing is always on my mind but I'm ready to move on. Thanks to all for your comments. There are some very interesting thoughts there if you haven't read the comments from the last couple of posts.

Today I finished writing out the Shrug pattern and sent it away to the pattern checker. Now I need to finish up the test knit I'm doing with the finished pattern  which will give me another check on it. This is a different size and a different yarn than the blue one I had posted earlier.
This is a boucle by Diamond. It's so soft, you can't imagine. I had to rip back an inch when I decided to make a change and it rips and knits up again wonderfully. I'm very close to finishing the cap sleeves and then 5" of body to do and I'm done. It's a quickie.

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  1. Is this a pattern we will see in one of your books? I am anxious to do a shrug. I've been looking at the LionBrand Fisherman's Shrug but don't want to knit with thick and quick. Deb


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