Friday 9 September 2011

in the a.m.
I'm almost finished 2 versions of a new sweater. I'm working on the final pattern check and trying to finish up the Plus size sweater.
I've added bust shaping to this plus size version. Starting at the underarm I have added in extra fabric for the bust by working increases on the Fronts ONLY at the side seam. It's easy to do and makes the sweater fit better because the Back is slightly narrower than the Front. Also the full bust measurement is not reached at the underarm but an inch or two below where the largest part of your bust is.

in the p.m.
Minor glitch.
(Beware of walking into our shop when I need a model. Thanks B.) The sleeve is good. The yoke depth is just as I wanted. The total length of the sweater - not good ! I've ripped back 2"  and tonight I'm going to knit it longer and add one more buttonhole and then knit the Bottom Border again. I hope it's sunny tomorrow morning so I can get a photo.


  1. dumb question...why the buttonholes on both sides if it is a woman's sweater?

    Love the sweater. t_a
    (you are a fast knitter!)

  2. LOVE... this is a recent lesson learned for me. I need the back to be smaller and narrower than the front if I want it to fit. Can't wait to make this one, Deb... and am loving making my Deb's Cardigan. Thank you for great work and for serving our incredibly underserved market. xxxooo


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