Thursday 17 November 2011

I knit a lot as you can tell. I really like knitting full garments. I'm fairly fast being a continental knitter but as Brenda (in the comments) mentioned we had tried to get into a Stephanie Pearl Mcphee class called 'Efficient and Speedy Knitting'. A tip or two never hurts. Here's a video of Stephanie doing her stuff.
Lever Knitting

What boggled my mind is that she is using a different finger to guide the yarn. Check it again to see. I tried this one whole weekend on a pair of socks but I'm not an English style knitter and am not ready to switch. It makes me look at my knitting differently though. What if I changed the finger that guides the yarn, would that make purling faster? Food for thought.


  1. I think it would slow me down. I'm not a fast knitter to begin with. It is fascinating to watch though, Deb. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very very valuable, this post today. I am an english throw knitter and for the past year have been so discouraged when comparing the progress of finished objects whipped out by Continental and Combination knitters. English is SO very slow and tiring.I was determined to stop knitting wearables altogether and take a hiatus to learn Continental in a few months.
    However, this Lever knitting(never heard of it until today) gives me the option of keeping my English method and speeding it up. I can have my cake and.....(smile)
    McFee goes so very fast.
    May I share this slower tutorial I stumbled across on that same page?(please delete if not suitable).
    must study this a bit more tomorrow.
    Thanks Deb.

  3. I remember Stephanie writing that she prefers straights. This explains why. It reminds me of photos of 19C women knitting with knitting belts to hold the ends of long dpns. Fascinating.


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