Saturday 12 May 2012

Thanks for all your comments. They were all very helpful. I've decided to put the construction choices in and put the rest of the modifications at the back.
Which Sleeve length do you want to knit? The 4 options will be right there as you begin the sleeves. You might start out with long sleeves in mind but when you get there you might want to consider making 3/4 length sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves at all (cap sleeves).
DK weight, Cotton Tweed by Cabin Fever

Aran weight, Tuffy by Briggs & Little

The Sleeve length is up to you, same cardigan body with long sleeves or no sleeves.
Do you have a preferred sleeve length?


  1. The pictures look lovely, home stretch eh!!!

  2. I mostly wear full length because of the middle age arm flab!
    A cap sleeve would work with a jersey or blouse with long sleeves.
    I am looking at the Cotton Tweed raglans!!
    2 nice appetite teasers until the book comes out!t_a

  3. Oh my goodness. I love it both ways! I love that the options will be right there with the directions.

    Off topic - do you know if there is still an Orillia Knitting Guild?


  4. It is lovely, Deb. Well done.


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