Thursday 13 December 2012

Birthday Socks : )

Yes, it's that time of year again. Today is my birthday. And one of the best parts of my birthday is getting my Birthday Socks from Deb. I got them yesterday, just before our guild Christmas pot luck dinner. Quite (seriously, it was not planned) by accident I had on last year's Birthday Socks. Betty took the pictures on the bear skin rug, see below (we were laughing pretty hard about the (not) sexy sock postering:

Last year's well worn Birthday Socks
And ... ta da! ... pretty no? And in my favourite colour!
This year's Birthday Socks : )
I think I've probably mentioned this every year since we started this blog, but Deb used to knit me socks every year for my birthday. Then one year she said "no more, till you learn how to knit your own socks". I didn't believe her, and the next year ... *gasp* ... no socks!!! Pretty upsetting. I whinged a LOT. But I did break down and learn how to knit socks, and to be a good sister and business partner, I also wrote some sock patterns. Peace was restored. I got Birthday Socks on my next birthday. Yea!



  1. What a great tradition! Sisterly love is the best kind. The socks are beautiful!!!

  2. Happy belated birthday! The 13th was mine, too. (But I've "got" you by many, many years. Been too busy to even fire up the computer, much less read anything. Great socks, great sister, hope you had a great birthday!


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