Friday 26 July 2013

How can we accommodate the "girls"? A little bit of extra fabric across the front of our sweaters, in the appropriate place, would make for a better fit, wouldn't it?

If I measure myself, I am 2" wider on the Front than the Back. One way of adjusting for this is to add a line of increases on each side of the Front only. In this case I added 1 1/2" worth of stitches to each side of the Front. That makes the Front 3" wider than the Back. Since there is a pattern with ribbing down the Front I thought the extra inch would be a good idea, which it was.
 But I also discovered that increasing the 1 1/2" worth of stitches to the Front using this line of increases may not be so great if you are younger and perkier than I am. The line could extend past the largest part of the bust (it doesn't in my case but maybe someone else will knit this).

Some adjustment is needed. The other place to add a bit of extra width to the Fronts is to double up the raglan increases on the Front only for the last 6 rows of the Yoke. This would add 1 extra inch to the Front before the Divide Round. Then adding 1" worth of stitches to each side of the Front below the underarm is fine. This will definitely work well.
P.S. Hi t_a, the machine knit tunic took me about 3 afternoons to do. I did do several bits of it twice since I'm still learning. I'm interested to see how long a second one would take.

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