Friday 27 September 2013

I'm doing some work on a circular yoke with increases around the yoke. It makes a good around Yoke.
But it's getting scratched anyway. It's not going to work for the book.

For the books I usually work a Basic sweater which acts as a template. Onto the template you can add in one of the various pattern stitches we supply or one of your own to make the garment a unique design. So instead of increasing on either side of 1 stitch . . .
I'm going to make 8 spokes several stitches wide where a stitch pattern could live. Similar to this child's sweater.
I'm going to make it really easy to tell which rounds to do the increases on too because once I get started I don't like to have to think too much when I knit either!


  1. Plus it looks somewhat like a suit of armour.

  2. and what yarn is that pink? It is VERY pretty!


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