Monday 7 October 2013

I was away last weekend at the Sticks, Strings and Stewardship Retreat in Sudbury, ON.  This is a retreat with a focus on charity knitting.
Mitts and hats are put aside destined to those who need them and the rest these knitted garments will go to a bazaar they run in November with the proceeds going to various charities in the Sudbury area where money is needed more than knitted garments. 
They also provide blankets for Project Linus.
Needles, yarn and patterns are also collected and put in kit bags which they deliver to the waiting rooms of the regional hospital for those knitters who arrive at the hospital, flown in from remote areas with their loved ones, without their knitting. You can imagine how welcome this service is!
Here's the whole gang of wonderful knitters who are making a difference in their community.
I've gone to this retreat for 5 years and am looking forward to next year. We have lots of fun knitting over the weekend. I took two classes: log cabin quilt and Latvian Mittens.
Good Times.


  1. There are wonderful people in this world. Great workshop projects too.

  2. What fun!! My knitting group churns out touques every year & I'm always donating socks for raffles. It's good for the soul! That Log Cabin blanket will be really nice. I knit one up in all of my leftover acrylic yarns & it's what I curl up under when I'm cold or sick or just need a blankie . . . I love it.


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