Friday 13 December 2013

I'm knitting socks right now. Well, more like always since I have a sock project in my purse at all times. Just thought I'd show you because just I read a really good article about making socks fit on the  Knitting Daily blog.

Just finished a pair of plain toe-up socks in Koigu.
I've been carrying around a large (size 11 shoe) pair for my husband. They are NOT going fast.
A fun pair in worsted weight wool which ARE going really, really fast.
And a cool pair for a friend with slip stitches which I am loving.
P.S. Brenda, How can you have all your Christmas knitting done?! I'm so jeolous.
Sandra, I share your sentiments. Let's get the fast stuff done first. At least then it feels like some of it is done.
Liz and Sharon, good on you for not taking this on. I'm sure you're much more relaxed than I am.

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  1. Oh I have socks in a couple of places since I always have a pair on the go - one pair in my tote bag in the car - the heels are turned already. And two more pairs, one is a lace pattern in red, the other just a plain top down, by my TV watching chair. And just so you don't think I'll be lazy - my favorite cafe worker asked me today for wrist & knee warmers for herself before they close on the 20th. Sigh, it's never over, ever.


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