Sunday 5 January 2014

First CircYoke sample

Moving a little slowly these days since I have a post-Christmas cold, yucky. But work progresses on the Circular Yoke book. I am busy writing a couple of hours every day to get it into some kind of shape. Of course each day I take out some of what I wrote the day before but that's the way it goes. I do have one sample to show you.
This is just one of the ideas. It may look exactly like something I showed before but it has improvements in it. I have added raglan shaping underneath the circular Band of Pattern. This will allow some adjustments to be made to the body and sleeves.
I'm working on another sample yoke in finer yarn to show you some more options we will be adding for the yoke.
Comments on this one?


  1. Not bad, what are you doing with the neck? will it be that rolled unfinished look? I can see where the increases are hidden in the pattern which is nice. I like that slightly 'shirred' effect over the bust. Is that Briggs & Little again???

  2. that yoke is so pretty, Deb. Love the patterning.

  3. Very pretty!

  4. Really love this look. Can't wait for this book. Top down circular yokes are my favorite type of sweater!


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