Friday 9 May 2014

Back from TNNA, new patterns coming up

The TNNA show is the big trade show for our industry. Although we're not allowed to take photos I did sneak one of Eleanor from Kraemer Yarns wearing one of sweaters from the Need A Circular Yoke book in Northern Lights chunky.
Although the knitting industry is still moving along it has a little limp in it's walk. But we, at Cabin Fever, are looking forward to bringing out a brand new worsted wool this fall, yay. In the mean time we haven't been idle. There will be new patterns coming out soon.

Beware, projects in half-baked condition. If you can't stomach them, turn your eyes away!
I started one more pullover for the new Need A Circular Yoke? book. It's a summer top (it's actually orange in colour) with a scoop neck in Hempton by Lanaknits, a cotton/hemp blend.
We're busy in edit mode now. The end (June publication date) is in sight.
Only the sleeves to go on this one, another sweater for the CircYoke book. It's obviously long sleeved or will be soon, in Aran weight Tuffy by Briggs and Little.
A new sock pattern. This one is fun and easy to carry around which I've been doing for a while. This is my second, no third, pair of these. Time to get it written up. It's in Saucon Fingering, a cotton/acrylic blend. Good for spring wearing with sandals.
A second new sock pattern from the cuff down with an interesting stitch pattern. I really enjoy knitting this one although it's not a 'carry around' project. It's in hand-painted stash yarn which is showing the pattern very well.
And just because a woman can't be working all the time I've indulged myself by knitting a short row scarf just for the fun of it. And, yes, those are really straight needles! Something a little different for me but different is good right? Also dug in the my stash for yarn for this, don't you love the colour? I do. I didn't follow the numbers for the pattern or use the weight of yarn it called for so I'm not going to give a link since I strayed rather badly from the original pattern. There are lots of short row scarf patterns to choose from and they're all fun to knit. I'm searching for a new one since I'm rather taken with them at the moment.

I obviously have lots of knitting to do, gotta go.


  1. Worsted !! Awesome, can't wait to have that in my shop,

  2. Wow!!! You have been busy cranking them out. I await your new book with bated breath.

  3. My eyes are wide open and gazing eagerly!

  4. I love that pink yoke sweater and am anxious to hear about your new yarn, too!


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