Friday 1 August 2014

NEW Need A Circular Yoke is ready.

It's official, the NEW Need A Circular Yoke book is ready. We're very excited.
The pdf ebook is available on Patternfish
and a printed copy can be ordered by email:
My thought behind this book was to give you all the information you would need to be a small "d" designer yourself.  Really, I know you can all do it. All the stitch numbers are worked out. It's my  particular pleasure to do this for you.
Do you remember those mix and match children's books where you can have the head of a rooster and the body of a camel with the feet of a duck? This book works sort of like that (your sweater will not end up to be a strange animal, I promise). One step at a time will make a unique sweater that is your alone. Which neckband would I like? Will I knit the yoke with lace or textured (knit & purl) sts? What length of sleeve this time? How about a shirttail bottom border? You can wait and decide as you knit along. That's the fun part. I've made 4 sweaters now and have 2 more on the needles. They are all different. Maybe I'll make just one more and this time . . .


  1. Congratulations on the new book!!!! I was very happy to see the announcement in my mailbox today. Yipeee ki yahhh

  2. Excellent options in this book! Another fine publication from Cabin Fever!


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