Thursday 4 December 2014

Bogged Down

Sometimes a design just bogs down. I can't figure out why but I don't want to work on it any more. The design seems fine but I keep putting it off and picking up other projects. Today I realized it was the join at the bottom of the cap sleeve. It works. Sort of. I kept telling myself it was fine. But it's not. There's a gap which bothers me.

At the Great Divide the sleeve sts are cast off. Then on the next row you would purl across the Fronts and Back which joins them up for the Body. But there is a gap and it's messy. On the next row I picked up the loose strands at the underarm and knit them together with the stitches on the needle and that neatened it up. But I can't write that in the pattern because how would you know which stitches to pick up if you've never done this before. A glitch.
Then I decided to cast on 2 sts to join up the Fronts and Back. But that's not satisfactory either. It makes a larger space at the bottom of the armhole.
Now back to the beginning. How to make the join between the Fronts and the Back neat and tidy? It's time to rip it back and try another idea, what fun!

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