Thursday 23 July 2015

No Internet Vacation

Last week I had a week away from the internet. I went up to my cabin and for 3 full days was without any social media interference. I was able to write out a rough draft of the 4-14 year old Pullover book. The whole thing, including all the stitch numbers, 30 pages in 3 days! It's looking pretty good. Rough still, with lots of errors and small details missing which I am finding now as I read it over every day. But still, pretty good start. I'm very pleased with how it's coming together.

My standard routine is to fire up my computer and check my email first. Much time elapses and I haven't worked on the book, my knitting, my new sock pattern or my next Newsletter. Social media is great but it does have a negative impact on my productivity on projects. Being without the option certainly brought it home to me. But I guess you all know that.

Have you ever indulged in a "no internet" vacation? Did you enjoy it? How long did you last?

I have progressed on the hoodie, in my favourite colour of course since I'm knitting it for myself.
I've just separated for the Pouch. Makes a nice change from knitting round and round and round. The Pouch means I'm on the home stretch for the Body. Yay.

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  1. I was wondering who that Hoodie was for!! Happy editing - I may need to buy that book soon.
    I think we all need internet holidays. It's so hard not to check all your favorites every day when you work on the computer every day. I've been lost in 'Off the Grid' blogs lately - man, you can spend whole days reading the back entries. Sometimes I wish the internet was WORK only for part of the day . . . But, it isn't. And I find the longer I'm OFF the net, the longer I stay off. Right now, the Tour de Fleece is on so I'm spinning or on the net, reporting.


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