Thursday 10 March 2016

Knitting at the Brier

Just a short word. Knitting at the Brier (national men's curling championship) is not progressing as quickly as I had thought. Guess what, it's harder to watch 4 games on the ice in the arena, up close and personal, then it is to watch one game on TV. Who Knew?! This is only my second time at a big event. The first was the Scotties (national women's championship) when my daughter was playing so obviously then I was watching only one game at a time, very, very intently. Right now she's curling at an event in Korea. Curl and see the world!

This morning I'm taking time off to write to you but back on the bus to the arena very soon for the afternoon and evening games. The curling starts at 9:30am and goes to 10:30pm with a couple of hours between games. A very full day, Whew, I'm glad I'm not out there trying to curl.

When I came I had this much done on my Shawl Collar Cardigan.
Now I have progresse this far.
Not bad considering I'm spending most of my time saying "Wow, how did he make that shot!" I don't think this is going to improve my curling game but it sure is exciting to watch these teams battling it out.

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  1. I REALLY like that shawl collar. We need that collar on the Plus cardigans!!!


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