Thursday 18 May 2017

Stitch Panels in unexpected places

I've done this in several patterns now and really enjoy breaking up the stockinette stitch of the body with a stitch pattern worked down the sides. We very conveniently cast on a number of stitches at the underarm and these stitches lend themselves to being decorated with a pattern.

I, like lots of knitters, don't especially enjoy knitting sleeves. They are a little more fiddly than the body. They have to be done, although it does make vests a really good looking option. On my new sweater I decided to continue the stitch pattern down the underside of the sleeve.
I think it works. Sort of. What do you think?
I guess wearing it will tell the tale.


  1. IMO,no one can see it under about on top of the sleeve where one can show it off?? I liked the Side Patterned Vest where I did the side ribbing. One day I will do the other fancy stitch pattern.


  2. You might be right about no one seeing it except that I do wave my arms around quite a bit as I talk! It did make the knitting of the sleeve much more fun to do though. Suggestion for decorating the top of the sleeve is excellent and I will work on that.


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