Thursday 12 October 2017


I'm taking inventory. I suspect I have way too much on my knitting plate and I want to start something new of course.

For those of you who knit one project at a time, this is how the other half lives. At least I seem to.

I am knitting the Westward shawlette. Sort of. I am taking a tiny step away from this pattern.

In our knitting guild we decided to pick out 2 or 3 colours of fingering weight yarn to knit a shawl this year. The Westward consists of 3 different Tiers where the stitch patterns change. No boredom allowed.

I have 3 colours (150g in total) so each of the Tiers of the Westward are going to be in a different colour. Tier One is a variegated yarn (Queensland Collection, Rainbow Beach). Tier Two is the coral colour (Juniper Moon, Herriot Fine). Tier Three is still up for grabs. I have a navy yarn which I think is going to be too dark. I am knitting each Tier to any size I want depending on the amount of yarn I have. Maybe this is running away with the pattern but the instructions for each Tier are still good to follow no matter what size or stitch count I have.

I have a really good rational for starting this new shawl. It is really, really necessary that I knit along with a shawl class I'm teaching. It's an 8 week class with 6 weeks left so lots of knitting time yet. I think I'm justified on this one. I am working with 100g of one colour (Misti Alpaca) and 50g of second colour (Gems, Louet). I'm curious to see how large it gets. I'm liking the contrast between the two teal colours.

Another knit along with a class I'm teaching on Ergonomic Mittens (Rowan Pure). This week we are knitting thumbs so I have to get that second mitten ready!

Our Cabin Fever Retreat is in a couple of weeks (last weekend in October) and these are the wristers that will be knit as the knitters play with stitch patterns and work colourwork with two hands. I should probably do some mates for them.

OMG, there is still more. I'm writing the pattern for this classic top down cardigan. I'm calling it the Everyday Cardigan (Rowan Pure worsted wool). I've knit a second one which I have worn quite a bit so my own experience is that it is a sweater to grab any time you walk out the door. It needs buttons but the writing is almost done.

Yup, one more. The ever constant socks I always have on my needles (Comfort by Sockenwolle). No deadline on these because I'll just cast on another pair when I'm done.
 Phew, my knitting plate is overflowing. Something has to get finished!!!! I'm not alone here right? Please tell me I'm not,

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