Thursday 14 December 2017

New to me Heel

Yikes it's coming up soon, the big day of the winter. It's sneaky. No matter how much you plan, it seems to jump closer and closer without you even noticing.

I'm on my last pair of Stash Buster socks using the Stacking Stripes method.

I'm trying a new heel which I'm loving.
This is the heel which acts as the gusset. You work increases on either side of 2 centre stitches every other round until you have doubled the back of the leg stitches. Work the increases into any pattern you like. I choose to work the increases into a K2, P2 pattern. Example: 60 sts on sock, 30 sts for back of leg, work increases until 60 sts on back of leg, total on sock is now 90 sts.

Then turn the heel using the standard V-heel short rows ending in SSK, K1, turn and P2tog, P1, turn. There is a trick, you knew that was coming right? You will get back to the original number of stitches and then have to continue to turn the heel for a couple more rows. On these rows work the SSK (no K1 afterwards) and turn. Work P2tog (no P1 afterwards) until you have your original number of sock stitches. Then work in the round again.

I have found it works great and gives a nice deep heel turning which I really, really like.

I first worked this heel using Vanilla is the New Black pattern. You might find this an easy heel too.

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