Thursday 4 January 2018

The New Year has begun

It's time to get organized. The new year has begun and my office is a mess.

I took the week off. Did you? You might have been knitting up a storm but because knitting is my job, I read ... a lot. Nice and cozy, sitting in the sun (inside of course because outside it was frickin' freezing!). Now I have piles of yarn and half finished projects and ideas and ... well it's a mess.

I have made a couple of decisions though.

I need to pull out every knit thing I have put away and decide why I'm not wearing it. Do you have some of these projects too? I enjoyed knitting them. I like them but I don't wear them. How come? What could I do to make them something I want to wear?

I have a top from the Need A Circular Yoke book with short sleeves which I don't wear. In hind sight I think I should have made it with long sleeves. I think I would wear it now if it was a vest with cap sleeves. This is totally doable.

I have a wool sweater which is way too big for me that I am going to turn into another garment by felting it and cutting it up. Yep, cutting. I'm looking forward to it. Imagine me rubbing my hands together in a gleeful manner, hee, hee, ha, ha. Snip, snip.

These are the first two reconstruction projects that I have earmarked for my new year of wearing as much knitwear as possible!!

How about you? Something new in your knitting year?
Cheers and Happy New Year,

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