Monday 7 January 2008


I finished a toque today for my son who had requested a sunshine yellow hat to go with his turquoise jacket and red snowpants. I think I got the colour right. It's the Family of Toques pattern with an adjustment. It was deemed too pointy. The decreases are worked every other round which I did until I had 11 sts between each of the decrease points then I worked the decreases every round. It rounded out the top to his satisfaction. He wears it like this with no turn up of the brim. It's the way it's done now apparently and who am I, a mere parent, to dictate anything that has to do with fashion. I'm just glad to see a handknitted item out there being used. Right now he's out snowboarding and this hat has just been washed, after gaining approval, and is drying out so I have no fashion shot to show you.

But this is the fashion shot from Christmas of the handmade hats, made by Lynda, on my two kids (right) and my nephews (left). I know that my son has worn his red hat every day since he got it.

Handknits are back on the slopes and my son is the envy of all his friends.



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  1. I'm seeing more and more handknits on young people these days! I don't scare them off by asking if they knit them themselves, but I just give a quiet squee when I see it! Love the red hat, the yellow hat, the earflappy hat and definitely the shirts!!! The shirts say it all!!! Happy New Year! samm


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