Wednesday 19 November 2008

Ah .... Winter!

I forgot to take my camera for the trip but I got it out once we got home. And it is winter here now! On Friday, in Baltimore, after the first full day of the Stitches East show, we sat outside at the Wharf Rat Brew Pub and had dinner. Really! It was that warm. It seemed sureal to be outside and not have mittens and coats on ... here was my drive to our warehouse a week later ...
I didn't get too much knitting done with all the running around with the show and the driving and visiting the Rochester Guild and Erin's store. However, I did decide in the end to take some very simple knitting when packing up to go. We still have some beautiful yarn from when we had a small retail store. Often though, we have only a very limited amount of the yarn left or a limited number of colours. I'm working through our store stash by making samples and making kits with some of these lovely yarns and here is the one I knit at the show.
This is a beautiful, chunky weight, merino wool from New Zealand with a polyester thread running through it. It felts beautifully, and as you can see, makes a terrific bag. Easy knitting for the trip and a very nice result. I used our SheepStrings Big Bag #708 and added a second colour - oh, and I also made the straps longer. Not on purpose you understand, but I do like the longer strap now that it's done! I think this will become a handbag for moi, once I sell the yarn! :)
Speaking of the Big Bag, Elizabeth sent me a photo of the Big Bag done in our Northern Lights Kiwi ... with her own special addition ... Siggy.

It was -10 degrees when I got up and today is my working at home day - a perfect knitting day! So ... which project?? Finish my pullover prototype so I can start with the baby alpaca final version? Work up another flap cap for the booklet and finish writing the pattern? Finish the mock cable cap and write up the pattern? Do some Christmas knitting. Start something else completely new? mmmmm ... No, no! That would be wrong ... finish something, finish, finish ... ! Mutter mutter ...


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  1. love the 2-color variation on the bag...great way to use up those spare balls


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