Monday 3 November 2008

Impatience, bad.

I have knit a hat for my daughter but . . .

it's a little too short. I'm sure it measured 5" before I started the decreases for the crown but NOT NOW. Suddenly it's shrunk. How does this happen! I remember a quote I read, no idea where, that "you don't have to have patience, you only have to wait". I should have waited one more inch. At least I checked my pattern as written so that's done. The redo will have to wait until we get back from our trip. Waiting is hard and this hat can just get a taste of it, so there.

We are off to Baltimore early Wednesday morning to do a Stitches show. Then I am giving a talk to the Rochester Knitting Guild on Nov.10 and another in Hamburg, NY on Tuesday Nov.11. A busy week but should be fun.


Thanks everyone for the comments on my lost wool. Nice to know I am not alone. I did check the kitchen cupboards and the fridge and still no luck. Anyone else err on the short side of their knitting? Ha, ha, and this from a 5' woman who can still knit her own sleeves too short.


  1. Yes, I too am shortish (5'2) and I have knitted lots of things too short. Now, I mostly knit top down and cast off but don't cut off the yarn. Then I wet block and try on. Often, sleeves block out longer than the measurement that I knitted and I then have to rip back. Can't win, at least first time out, but at least with top down knitting I can eventually get it right.

  2. Fantastic looking hat, small or not.


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