Friday 16 January 2009

I'm going to a music retreat for the weekend. I'm not a musician but I'm going to knit and take a yoga class and maybe go cross-country skiing if it warms up enough to show your face outside for more than 15 minutes. But what I have spent all morning doing is deciding what knitting to take. I have settled on knitting up 'the second sock' (in Kroy wool, standard pattern), but is one plain sock enough?
I need to take something a little more complicated so I can work quietly in a corner for a bit. A new sock with the Dream in Color wool.

This pattern is easy to read as you knit it so if I finish the plain sock I can work on this one. What I want to know is why the panic?! There will be lots of interesting people there to talk to and activities to join in and a concert on Saturday evening too. But there I am, scrambling around this morning wishing I had prepared about 17 projects so that I could take them all with me. Have I figured out what I'm taking to wear? Have I found my sleeping bag?


P.S. Hi Samm (of the comments) I'm glad you got the cat hair out of your computer. Now can we figure out how to get the lint from felting out of my washing machine. And no you can never have enough patterns.

Hi Jed, I hope you find your (sock) mate.

Leslie, I do have a pretty good job. I have lots of yarn and lots of knitting books and I get to knit for hours every day. The only drawback I can think of is that I don't have much time to knit other designers patterns and sometimes that's a tough one when I see a sweater I would love to make for myself or someone in my family. So I do it vicariously by reading blogs. And that's lots of fun too.

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  1. Please don't mention the felting remnants. Hubby doesn't know about those. :) Yet. The repair guy was here this week for the dryer. Again! He said it was trying to tell me something, with two repairs in less than four months. I do work it hard. Maybe it hates me?? Someday I'll have to 'fess up to the felting glob of gunk that will likely clog the washer. Sooner or later. :/ samm


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