Friday 23 January 2009


You gotta love the hat. It's so quick. One evening and I have a warm head.

This one starts with 8 sts at the top. I worked the swirled crown at home because I had to count and pay attention and then knit the rest at a meeting. Not a formal meeting. This one had munchies and lots of general chat and I wasn't the one who's fingers were dancing on the computer keys.
This is Lanaloft from Brown Sheep, colour Magic Spell. A singles and very nice to knit with. Gotta go,


P.S. Good Luck with your first pair of socks Valerie (from the comments). You know they are addictive right? You know you could fall hard.

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  1. I am afraid the socks WILL be addictive (as are the hats!). I work full-time outside of the home and my only knitting time is evenings & weekends. My problem is I want to say the heck with housework and sit and knit every spare minute that I have!!!! Love your darling little blue hat (hope it will be in your new book which I am anxiously awaiting). Take Care.


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