Thursday 23 April 2009


This one's pretty in pink.It's time to play. This is a top down with the increases put in different places. At least different than the standard raglan formation which we are familiar with.

This is the set-up at the neck and the lines are where the Markers are set up. It's fun to mix it up and see what happens. I think that is my design approach - what would happen if . . . ? I have no idea how this will work out. I've put seed stitch in the back panel and in the front 2 panels including the buttonbands. The sleeves are a bit of a mystery at the moment. And I have some idea what the bottom edge will look like but the reality may be different when I get there. It's definitely interesting to knit and see what's happening.


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  1. I like this design. It looks as if the depth of the armholes will be very comfortable. :) I'm amazed how you design things and change things! I would never have thought about moving the increases. Which makes you a designer and me a knitter. :) Happily for we knitters there are designers like you! :) samm
    - the word verification right now is "micie" which just makes me laugh!! But then, lots of things make me laugh...


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