Sunday 26 April 2009

Need A Hat?

Yes, it's here! Hot Off the Press!!

After a fair bit of technical hair-pulling the booklets arrived Thursday afternoon and Sophy and I immediately packed them up and shipped them to Sturbridge, MA, for me to sell at the trade show next week (and hopefully for Deb to show and sell when she does her classes at Reba's store The Fiber Loft in Harvard, MA). On Friday we sent off our first store shipment to Diane of Georgetown Knitting & Crafts. Karen, of SheepStrings in Dwight ON, stopped to pick up copies to take to the Knitters Frolic Show in Toronto and for Miko and Jennifer at The Purple Purl.
As an interesting aside, Karen stopped by my house on the way home from doing the show (mainly to get fed I think) and told me that people had trouble believing that they could use ANY yarn for ANY hat in the booklet as much as Karen assured them they could (Karen is one of the designers in the book, see page 45, hat #10 so she knew this was true, lol). They bought the booklet on faith ... and hope. I think they'll be pleased.
I've put more detail and bigger pictures on the Cabin Fever web site if you want to go have a look!
Just wanted to update with an email comment from Diane:
Hi Lynda and Debbie,
Seeing I am the first store to receive your new hat book - I will be the first to comment - What a great book!!! I think there is a hat there for everyone!! Good job!! I bet you do not ever want to knit another hat for a long time!!
Diane & Bob CrawfordGeorgetown Yarn & Crafts
170 Guelph St.Georgetown,
ON L7G 4A7Phone: 905-877-1521
Fax: 905-877-3614


  1. Just what I've been waiting for, thank you! If my LYS doesn't get it in soon, I'll be ordering a copy or two (mother's day is coming up fast) from your website this week.

  2. I second Momma Bear!!


  3. Gotta have one!!!! It has the kind of hat I've been wanting to make. :) I can have it ready for next winter. Hoping it's for sale now on the site. Going to look! sammmmmm


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