Monday 24 August 2009


Monogamy in general is good but monogamous knitting does not give me much to blog about. I am knitting and I am progressing. I can see it but I don't think you can. I think to you it must look like a slightly larger blob, which it is, but it is taking on some coat-like form now, except for several needles stuck in it.I have both sides done on my jacket. We weren't entirely sure about the sleeve when I started my first side section so when I got to the beginning of the sleeve I left it on the needle and started on the other side. Now I am going to start my second sleeve first. I'm really looking forward to getting one side done. It's coming together now. (I'm sure you can't tell from the very fuzzy photos. It's actually later in the evening and not as light as I had hoped.) Soon, soon you will be able to see the jacket emerging.


  1. That's a great looking jacket!

  2. It looks great, Deb!! Love the way the collar folds, and now that the weather's turned colder, perfect. Bring it to the next Guild meeting, please.


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