Wednesday 5 August 2009

one project down

I finished my scarf and now I'm starting to panic - did I bring enough projects!!There is no knitting store here in the village or in the next town. So I have been gazing at it in it's completeness. I soaked it and laid it out but will have a go at it with my blocking wires when I get home. Isn't the reversibleness (that's not really a word) great? I'm really just giving you the gears because I did bring 2 more projects with me. But I didn't expect to finish this one so soon. I have started a second scarf which is going well but is a very dark navy blue so not terrific to photograph yet. Next week I'm going to switch over to the J Jacket for the week. I'll put my book stand up with a good book in it and knit, knit, knit. I also put on some ridges in the car on the way up. So it's coming along.



  1. Very pretty, the reversible scarf I mean. The veiw of the water is awesome, have a great vacation.

  2. I agree with Momma Bear. I'm wondering if you've gotten the storms up there - watching them come across that water would have been something......


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