Thursday 3 December 2009

cables and stripes

I've come a long way baby.I'm below the decreases for the waist and starting to add on stitches for the hip, which you can't see because my needle is pulling it in. It's coming along swimmingly. It's not my size and I am dying to try it on someone. I might have to wait until it's finished.

In between crossing cables I am ribbing the Noro scarf, sans Noro. I'm picking up whatever wool I can find which changes colour throughout the ball and casting on. These stripes are the result of 2 different colourways in 2 different kinds of wool. I love it. Today I am going to cruise through my local craft store and see if there are any more combinations I can find there to make. I've run out of stuff from our own shop.

My son is asking for black again. He did come out of the black phase and into rainbow colours for a couple of years but moving to the big city for a couple months has him right back into the black. What is that? And I was having such fun with all these coloured stipes. He might have talked himself out of a scarf.


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