Tuesday 2 February 2010

I'm experimenting again. It sounds like there should be bunsen burners and funny shaped glass vessels with green liquid bubbling away. My green yarn is producing results without any bubbling.
I am playing with the space between the short rows used to lower the front of my top down garment. My normal spacing for short rows: work to certain spot, turn and when I come back to the same side I knit past the first short row and turn 2 stitches later. This produces a 45 degree angle to the ribbed neckband.

Here I knit 3 stitches past the first short row turn. It flattens out the angle of the neckband.

I am working on a striped top down pullover. The problems arise when you think of working short rows to lower the front of the neck and work stripes at the same time. If I did this as a raglan top down the beginning of the round is at the Left Front shoulder - the short rows are worked from Left Front shoulder, knit around the back of neck to Right Front shoulder and back again. But the colour changes for the stripes should take place at the Back Left shoulder so they are not as visible.  So I'm experimenting with a combination of a circular yoke (like an Icelandic sweater) for the beginning, short row shaping. Then I will knit around to the Back Left shoulder and switch into a raglan style for the stripes. So far the neckband and short row shaping is going well.

I'm listening to an audio book of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. It makes all the plain knitting go by pretty quickly. Although I have noticed that there seems to be no mention of knitting in this book.

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  1. Who's the narrator? I can so picture Donald Sutherland reading that. I've never tried audio books before.


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