Friday 14 May 2010

Ahh, it's so lovely to put my feet back into wool socks. This is Fleece Artist merino sock yarn in pale pastels, very nice. First pair of socks for the new sock book, done.
I had a whole little talk worked up about how good it is that my feet aren't the same size because I can never manage to make my socks the same length and you might guess which sock is the shorter one, the second sock of course. But I can't believe it, they are exactly the same size! I have knit pairs and pairs of socks and I think this is a first for me. Yay, maybe I can call myself a sock knitter after all. Onward.

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  1. Pretty socks! My feet aren't exactly the same size either. I always knit to the bigger one, but make them both the same. No idea why I do that, though. :) samm


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