Tuesday 12 October 2010

'in progress' socks

The marriage socks went over very well. Apparently they have cold floors and are just starting to feel them with the cooler evenings. Now they have warm wool socks to put on. And Liz (from the comments), I will be thinking of them with warm feet every time I put on socks in my house where I also have very, very cold floors. But enough about cold feet.

I am giving a talk about socks on Thursday evening at the Kawartha Hooks and Needles Guild in Peterborough. I'm going to explain how to make them and how to design your own. To that end I have knit some small 'in progress' socks.
I hope to show them everywhere that you have to shift stitches on the needles in order to make a sock. Also show how I cast on loosely (over two needles), the heel stitch, turning a heel and the Kitchener stitch at the end. I hope I can get all this done in the hour allotted, although they have had me speak before and know I'm a trifle overenthusiastic and tend to go on a bit.

I have a couple more partial socks to knit up. One more sock knit to the finished gusset and another to the end of the toe ready to be Kitchenered. I think that takes care of most of the work of a sock. Then I can get to the good part, working with stitch patterns because that's what makes it fun right? That and all the lovely wool that's available now. Sigh, there just isn't enough knitting time for it all.

Commenters:  Thanks Liz for your comment. Did you make any wedding socks yourself yet?
Brenda and Karen at the Grey Heron Shop in Collingwood are going to run a Sock KAL along with us. Yay. I hope Brenda will send photos of work in progress. I love those pictures.
And I can't wait to see the 2 new JJ Jackets that are being knit by Jed and Ann. I hope all that garter stitch is working up splendidly and then when you are through you can do socks. Ha, ha.


  1. Hi Deb:
    Jo-Anne and I put the JJ jackets on the Official UFO list at the Knitting Guild, so we will definitely finish them before next September!! Right, Jo-Anne??


  2. Ann - you need to find the rest of the wool first, don't you?? :o) YES! I want to be wearing this splendid new jacket with its perfect red buttons. Deb - we're ON the JJ Challenge! Then, matching red socks, with a metaphor perhaps.

  3. Let me find the wool before we start talking metaphors, OK, Jo-Anne!

    See you in November, Deb?



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