Saturday 12 March 2011

This is a newborn size with a small front panel running alongside the buttonband and this back panel. It's fun to try different combinations of patterns for the back panel and see if they work. This one is a keeper for the book.

The intention of this book is to take you one step away from the pattern to a place where you can combine the stitch patterns offered into something that is your own design. I'm trying to set it up so that you're comfortable doing this. But stepping away from the pattern is a little risky. What you come up with may not turn out exactly as you had envisioned it. A good reason to start with baby sizes because they are quick to make, quick to frog and try again. This is an adventure and the thrill of getting a combination which looks just right is wonderful.
Why do you knit a pattern exactly as written? Do you often go off on a tangent to the pattern and end up with a different design? Do you do this elsewhere, in cooking, sewing, another art form?


  1. I think your book is going to be amazing. The style of "no pattern" patterns you've been talking about is the way I like to knit. I take what I like from one idea and blend it into another and don't *always* get what I expected, but usually its wearable.

    Recently I did this with a baby cardigan. I hate to purl, so It is a no purl baby cardigan, garter body, stockinette sleeves.

    And yes, I do this kind of thong with cooking too. :)

    I think it is the best way to knit. It takes a little more time. But it gives you a more satisfying finished product.

  2. I agree with the previous comment. I like to have a "recipe" for a knitted garment, and then take it from there. Knitting a pattern exactly as written is too much like paint by numbers!

  3. Paint by Numbers, YUK!!! Knit by design WOW!

  4. I like the premise for your book. I often find myself looking at patterns thinking that I would like that sweater only if one aspect of the sweater was a bit different. If I am tired (which I usually am after work!), I like to follow a pattern because I frankly just don't want to think anymore. But I also like to knit items that are unique, and your book would allow the opportunity for both mindless knitting with a twist. :-)

    (And I am always looking for new baby sweater patterns to knit, I do alot of knitting for charities!)


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