Tuesday 12 July 2011

Technically I am on holidays this week but I have done a little knitting. Although it is stinking hot here! I'm knitting sleeves on a wool sweater, somehow this seems wrong. It's difficult to get excited about finishing.
I am also teaching beginners once a week at a local resort. I have one hour. What can a knitter do in one hour? I have them knitting I-Cord bracelets.
This can be finished in one hour. Big yarn with big needles. My knitter today was very pleased with herself. Her first knitting project, finished! I started her on fingerless mitts to take home with her. It was a bit confusing, as you might guess, to change from sliding the stitches along the needle for I-cord to regular back and forth garter stitch knitting but she got it. It took about an hour and a half altogether.

Do you have a great, quick beginner project?

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