Monday 15 August 2011

#091 The Crescent Scarf

I was off to visit friends in the historic town of Manotick (just outside of Ottawa) this weekend and decided to try out Deb's new Crescent Scarf  as a car project. Rather than taking a paper copy of the pattern I thought I'd try it on my Kobo book reader and was very pleasantly surprised at how clear the pattern was even with the reasonably small screen.
I think you can see how clear it is from this little image. The chart was easy to read and the written instructions were clear as a bell. One less bit to keep track of with it on the reader. It's on Patternfish as a downloadable pattern.
We drove through Algonquin Park, which was a little distracting with so much to look at, so I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped and I must admit to a bit of a snooze coming home after a busy weekend on the river (we went in our friends boat up through the locks on the Rideau River right into Ottawa to the Parliment buildings - a great trip). I'm working with our hand-dyed superwash merino "Inspiration" yarn in a soft green which is looking lovely.
Deb's version for the pattern is in our hand-dyed Silk & Silver yarn in a very pretty blue. I'm finished the lace part of the shawl (Deb put the lace in both a chart format as well as line-by-line instructions) and I should be able to whiz through the stocking stitch with short-rows pretty quickly. I'm really enjoying the pattern and think I might try to get one done with some cashmere yarn I've got - guess I better get on it and get it dyed!

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  1. I've admired this pattern for some time and now I'm inspired to get on with trying it out. Hope your visit to Manotick is pleasant--it's definitely a place where urban sprawl and rural living are coming into conflict, unfortunately.


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