Thursday 25 August 2011

Today I'm starting something new. This sweater I had already knit but hadn't written it out yet. So I got at it and while I was there decided to work a Plus sized version too. So I've written this pattern twice, one for adult sizing 36" - 50" finished and the same pattern for Plus sizing 46" - 61" finished.
It's a simple Top Down jacket. It's easy and quick at a chunky weight gauge of 14 sts = 4". I'm going to use 2 strands of DK weight (gauge of 22 sts = 4") held together throughout to get the same gauge.
And to make it interesting I'm using 2 different blues (denim and electric blue) to get a subtle tweedy look.
I love tweed and manufacturing it myself is sort of exciting. I'm knitting a Plus size with some modifications from the Adult size. When I get there I'll have photos.


  1. I love Tweedy looks too, especially denim blue and any other blue that there is. Love it. MBK's

  2. oh, Yes.. it's perfect... Thanks
    The two colour tweed will be wonderful, Karen

  3. Deb said "When I get there I'll have photos."
    What a tease deb, what a tease!!!! Can't wait for this to come out for download in Ample/plus!


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