Monday 12 December 2011

I've been a bad blogger. I'm not absent, just knitting on several projects at the same time. I'm running 2 KALs (knit-a-longs) so thought I would knit both of these sweaters for myself.
The Braids Cardigan is coming along really well. I'm now on the first sleeve (which makes a very awkward photo so I'm waiting until the sleeve is done). I'm enjoying visiting this pattern again and can't wait to have this one to wear.

My Take It From The Top pullover with the added cable in the Front is really fun to knit. I love that cables keep me moving forward, ticking off each crossing. I almost have it sorted out where I have to cross next so I can lose the cable directions.

I have also been working diligently on the Plus Cardigan book. One sweater done and working on two more. They are my secret projects which will be revealed in January when I get them finished. Lots and lots of knitting going on here. Time to get back to it.

Knit on,

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  1. Deb, I have a braids cardigan, which I accidentally felted a couple of years ago. It seems it can happen to the best of us. When I have time, I must make another. I loved wearing it and it was so much fun to knit.


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