Tuesday 20 December 2011

This is my adaptation of my own pattern the Take It From The Top. I added a cable down the Front which adds quite a bit of interest to the knitting. Cables pull the fabric in so on the first round after finishing the short rows I increased 4 stitches across the cable panel, 2 sts for each cable crossing (cable crossing on the right side and cable crossing on the left side makes 2 sets of crossings, at least that's what I figure). At the bottom I'll decrease 4 sts so that the bottom edge won't flare out.
This a little big due to my slightly looser gauge - because swatches lie! I seem to relax as I knit and revert to my loosey goosey ways. To correct this I'm knitting 2 more inches to the bottom of my bust and then I'm going to decrease at the imaginary side seams to get the body a little smaller, 1-2" less or 2 sets of decreases. I love the top down for this. I can adjust as I go. Each time I knit myself a sweater I get a better idea of how to make it look a little better on me. Fingers crossed on this one.


  1. Interesting cable design, Debby. I like it.

  2. I love the colour and the cable design. Aren't you the knitter that always says she has to increase through the hips? maybe you should keep those increase stitches right to the bottom. - Or maybe you asked Santa for new hips this year. :)

  3. What an interesting cable! Will the neck edge remain a roll collar? What about the cuffs? Can't wait to see.

  4. Comforting to know that your swatches lie too! Mine are problematic prolific prevaricators. Just ticks me off!


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