Thursday 5 January 2012

DPNs and me

Sometimes it's a little thing that is blocking the progress of a sweater. Not that knitting a sweater isn't hard enough. It's a BIG project after all and takes quite a bit of perseverance to get to the end. A small road block can turn it into a UFO. I find that usually I overlook the little voice in my head that's trying to tell me something and try to push through. But this time I listened. I started knitting my  Braids Cardigan sleeve again. The little voice shouted ' I hate this needle'. It needs to be very loud for me to hear it. I probably didn't pay attention for the first inch or two and then I listened and even did something about it! I know, shocked me too. I got out my double pointed needles, the really old plastic ones that I love. Finished the first sleeve in a flash and started the second one and am looking forward to finishing it up too.
This is Cascade 220 in Cranberry.

I'm starting to find that 16" circulars are cramping my hand. And I  like using double points. I've been knitting a long time and way back, in the day, there were no alternatives. I've tried the magic loop and using 2 circulars just in case they were better. But for me the double points are still the best. Although I know you can get rid of second sock syndrome by using these methods, I always go back to my little sticks even though it looks like you're wrestling with a porcupine and always in danger of poking your eye out. We have a bond, my dpn's and me.


  1. MommaBearKnits:
    There is no better option than dpn's. I find some of the 16" circulars are more awkward than other, some of them have a slightly shorter needle that allows for the circle to form a little easier. But you cannot beat dpn's.

  2. Totally agree about dpns. I loathe circulars, particularly the tiny ones. Hope to see you before 2012 gets much older, Deb! Ann

  3. I would say we are a DPNs duo.

  4. I'm in the dpn club too. I find that I can knit much faster across dpns than on a small circular where I'm constantly have to slide the stitches around. In other words, I can whip through 20 sts on a dpn in less time than it would take to knit a few sts and slide, knit and slide, etc. The bonus is that you're working in ribbing, so you don't even have to worry about laddering in the way you would if the sleeve was in stocking st. And I still prefer my ancient Aero dpns over everything else!

  5. Trying the "magic loop" for the first time on socks, but finishing on so frustrated being "all tangled up" in the cable that I yanked the needle right out of the stitches. Two small circs work for me, but revert to dpns for the "back and forth" on the heel....those tiny circs seemed like a good idea but the needle portion is so small that my hands hurt from the adjustment in holding on to the needles. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is my motto :)

  6. I'm a bit late here but I love my circ needles and will use the 8" gladly before going to dpns. If it gets too small I'll use the 2 circs method and be much happier than using those dpns. That's what's great about knitting. We can all have what we want!


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