Wednesday 11 January 2012

Dreams of a new project

At what point in the knitting of your current project do you start thinking about the next one?
I finished the sleeves on my Braids cardigan and I can't stop myself from imagining another new sweater for me. Maybe in purple, or red with cables?
I have the buttonband to do but that's, what, an hour's work? Sewing in the ends and sewing on buttons will take a bit more time but so very close to being done.
I have a pullover on the go too so I'm trying to be true to my current projects but it's getting harder and harder.


  1. How many current projects is that, Deb? I think I have five on the go at the moment. Jed

  2. Sometimes for me the thought comes as soon as the intellectual intrique of how to do what I've chosen to do - could be as early as the first row.


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