Tuesday 15 January 2013

A shocking lack of blogging going on here. But I have been knitting, just not doing much in the way of photography. I'm working on a crescent shawl. I did the red one in Saucon Fingering cotton/acrylic and found it too short, more like a collar. But I have to say it steam blocked beautifully.

So I did another one larger in all directions, in Fountain Hill, a mohair/acrylic. It's feels gorgeous, light as a feather.

But I'm finding that everyone I show it to wants to throw part of it over their shoulder.
This one is still a bit too short to stay in place comfortably and rather deep, don't you think? So I'm working on number 3. I'm making it more of a crescent scarf than a shawl, half the depth of lace and longer short rows for less depth. So far I'm liking it but it doesn't look like much yet. Hoping to do some more work on it tomorrow. Stay tuned, I will need some feedback.

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  1. Ah, the joys of experimentation...I've been known to cut up old bath towels and pin them together to see how something will hang!


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