Sunday 5 May 2013

Spring is about firsts. The first time you don't have to wear your boots, the first time you can go out without your heavy winter coat, the first time you can wear sandals, the first time you can wear short sleeves. Aaah, it's wonderful. I think if you live in a place that has no definite change of seasons you miss out on these lovely feelings. We're off to do a little 4 km hike today, a first for this spring.

So a first for me is to limit my knitting time. I'm under orders from the chiropractor to ease up due to tendinitis. So I have to prioritize my knitting. Not a bad thing I think, but really difficult. I have a couple of ideas rattling around in my head and am anxious to get them on the needles. But they are going to have to wait.

Today I'm spending my hour or so of knitting time on a square-necked top down. Just getting started. I've already scrapped the two starts I made earlier. This one's a keeper.
I can't wait to see how it works out.


  1. I feel what you are experiencing. This is the time every year when I get trigger finger when I knit.(don't ask me why) I can only have 2 cortisone steroid shots and have used them up, so surgery is the only option left if I exacerbate the condition this year. So I knit at a LEISURELY Pace..but ..leisurely is more enjoyable.

  2. I love the colour of your current project, Deb. Hope the tendinitis goes away so you can knit at your normal pace.

  3. I ditto Brenda...both of you are great knitters and projects fly off your needles..I admire that!

  4. Oi, amei seus trabalhos, são todos lindos e convido a uma visitinha no meu blog.


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