Wednesday 4 June 2014

Startitis bug has struck

I don't want to count the number of projects I have that need finishing. I seem to have been struck with the Startitis bug. The number of UFO's might be why. I've dug out yarn from my stash and am having a lovely time knitting little treats I have bought at different times and not worked on. I'm trying to contain my urges to two projects. Several others are calling my name but I'm trying to ignore them.

I need some practice with colourwork. A little hat worked in lace weight cashmere/possum Zealana Air.

And second, the Chevron Mesh Scarf from the latest Knit Scene magazine

A scarf, done modularly (is that a word?)
I'm on square #3. I'm doing it very boringly in one colour with Ecological Wool by Cascade (the wool is lovely) and enjoying it all the same.
I'm interested in techniques for joining up as you go and not following the pattern since it wants you to break yarn after each block, No Way. Should be a fun knit.
- Deb

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  1. The yarn is pretty,but...POSSUM!
    Those critters are expensive..$300 to get rid of one 2 years ago who was eating up all my vegetable garden! Viscious little critter who would bite in a New York Minute!
    Pretty hat, ....but...... LOL(not fond wildlife memories)

    I love the scarf and salute you for seeking out new ways to make knitting less 'messy' from a lot of yarn ends, and seaming.


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