Tuesday 24 June 2014

Simple Circular Yoke

Lyn, Elizabeth and I did a big edit on the new Circular Yoke book today. Lots of "I think we need to move this a little bit to the right" and "could we spread this across the top of the page" and "this is important so we need to emphasize it". It's looking really, really good. Lyn has to do a lot of work on the photos yet. But it's coming along. This end stage takes quite a bit of time but I know the book is better for the time taken. Books, they take a lot of time!

I'm knitting one more Circular Yoke. Yes, another one. This one is the "Simple" version with a Scoop Neck and Garter Stitch Neckband . . .
and Short Rows to lengthen the Back and drop the Front.
How come there always seems to be one more to do?!


  1. Can''t wait for the KAL! Excited! (Love the Purple) teresa_a


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